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Creative Direction at the Crossroads of Motion Graphic Design + UX

My passion is for the fine art of leveraging design to meet business needs. Great design and great motion graphics are close to my heart, but building strategies that position those crafts to generate business growth is what inspires me to take the creative process beyond a 9 to 5 job.

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Creative Direction That Goes Beyond Pixel Nudging

Don't get me wrong, I love to nudge a pixel or two, but I pride myself on bridging executive business needs and creative solutions. Thoughtful creative work leads to more business and finding ways to make that happen more often is my cup of tea.


Motion Graphic Design That Tells a Story

From craft and discipline standpoint, motion graphic design is my crown jewel. I have a Masters from BAU (Barcelona) in the discipline and over 500 minutes of animation under my belt. Weapon of choice—Adobe After Effects.


Fast & Flawless Project Management

Getting things done quickly and thoroughly with an eye towards scalability and a stiff-arm towards rework. My secret sauce is asking the right questions and human-shielding the team from as much interruption as possible.


User Experience Knowhow and.. well... Experience

The goal of any website (and all marketing for that matter) is to generate conversions and make interacting with your brand easy, fun and productive. I start with a dose of goal-defining then bounce to use-casing and onto wireframing.


Good Ol' Fashioned Graphic Design

You can't get anywhere if you can't kern the word "enjoying" in Illustrator or carve a mean work path in Photoshop. I wield a nasty clone stamp and put the e-z in bezier curves.


Video Production & Post Production

Sometimes only live action video will do the job. My undergraduate degree is in Film & Video (Columbia College) and I've produced corporate videos as well as a handful of industrial videos. Footlights, capture scratch, and codecs—I got those.

Creative Director's Blog
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  • On a regular basis, Brandon took our client/revenue-driven problems and offered ways that the Creative team could help and in turn, provided a unique, creative solution. I so appreciated the fact that I could pull Brandon into conversations with any of my clients knowing that they would feel respected and understood.

    —Sarah Tuohy, Account Manager at Liquidus

  • Brandon is great. Always pushing to find a better and innovative solution to old problems.

    —Brian Houchins, EVP, Principal at Groupe Modele

  • Brandon has a unique combination of skills that make him a critical asset as a team leader. When he left Liquidus to move on to greener pastures in California, two people had to be hired to fill his role. Where will you find someone that is an expert in motion graphics and video advertising that also has deep knowledge of user experience? You probably won't. Brandon is always on top of his game, pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to innovate. From a personality perspective, Brandon is at his heart a communicator. He's articulate, resourceful, reasonable and likable.

    —Daniel Allen, Sr. UX Developer at Networked Insights

  • Brandon's exceptional creative and problem solving abilities were a true asset for Liquidus. From concept to design, his innate talent to grasp ideas and translate them into any medium was always visible and appreciated. He has superior interpersonal skills, especially while assuming a leadership position.

    —Eduardo Montemayor, CTO at Liquidus

  • Brandon is an exceptional professional who is also a treat to work with. It's one thing to work with someone who is smart, talented, and creative, but Brandon also brings a warm and refreshing attitude with his substantial skill set.

    —Sarah Beckley, Senior Content Strategist at Razorfish